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2 cleaning methods for circular cooling tower fill

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
Everyone knows that the Kehua circular cooling tower packing is mainly to increase its heat dissipation and prolong the cooling water residence time. Remember to clean it after using it for a long time. The specific Kehua circular cooling tower packing cleaning method Kehua cooling tower manufacturers have sorted out the following two , can be used as a reference. Cleaning method 1: Manually clean the scale and slag falling off in the cooling tower; repeatedly rinse the packing with a high-pressure water gun to remove the sludge and scale under cleaning; dissolve the TNB safe and high-efficiency descaling agent with hot water of about 50 degrees Celsius, and then rinse it repeatedly with a flushing pump Filling until the scale is rinsed clean, and adding bactericidal algaecide to completely kill biological algae and bacteria; after confirming that all parts of the system are cleaned, drain the sewage; rinse the filling and the inside and outside of the tower body with clean water; restore all parts of the system, replenish water Ready to use; After all recovery, ask Party A's management to check and accept; Evacuate Party B's items and clean the site; Cleaning method 2: Temporarily build a large pool with plastic cloth; add cleaning agent to clean water; remove the packing from the cooling equipment Put it down and soak it in the medicine pool; rinse the soaked packing with clean water and put it back into the cooling tower; put the cloth with the medicine on the cooling tower water supplement, and soak the water supplement mouth; use the same method to cool the cooling tower Clean the scale on the tower chassis; rinse the packing and the inside and outside of the tower body with clean water; restore all parts of the system and replenish water for use.
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