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A detailed introduction to the super invincible aluminum brazing furnace is here!

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
We don't know much about some Kehua products, and we don't necessarily know much about them. Now let Xiaobian bring you a detailed introduction to the super invincible aluminum brazing furnace. This is a dry article! Hurry up and collect it! Aluminum brazing furnace aluminum brazing furnace controllable atmosphere aluminum brazing furnace system, mainly used for aluminum water tank, oil cooler, intercooler, warm air, pipe belt Type condensers, evaporators, parallel flow condensers, stacked evaporators, power station air coolers and other workpieces are continuously brazed under nitrogen protective atmosphere. Mesh belt type continuous high temperature brazing furnace, this equipment uses non-corrosive flux for continuous brazing under the protection of atmosphere. The continuous brazing furnace consists of: degreasing furnace → spray system → drying transmission → drying furnace → drying passive, brazing passive → front chamber → brazing furnace → water cooling (dry cooling) → strong air cooling → continuous brazing Furnace transmission and other main components. It is mainly used for continuous brazing heat treatment of aluminum intercooler, water tank, automobile air conditioner condenser, evaporator heater water tank, aluminum oil cooler and other products. Main application: Mainly used for brazing production of aluminum parts under protective atmosphere. It is mainly composed of flux sprayer, electric heating drying furnace, brazing heating furnace, water-cooling air-cooling device, atmosphere control system and automatic control system. It is suitable for mass production of aluminum radiators such as parallel flow condensers, stacked evaporators and automobile water tanks. Aluminum brazing furnace Main features: The spray device has a simple structure and is easy to use. The high circulating air speed in the drying furnace and the large heating capacity ensure that the workpiece is thoroughly dried. The brazing heating furnace has fine and reasonable partitions, high temperature control accuracy, good furnace temperature uniformity, and significant energy saving effect. The air-cooled room is equipped with a slag cleaning room. Through the side door of the inspection room, the flux residue in the brazing furnace can be cleaned; the air-cooled room will not be corroded by water, and will not be seriously deformed due to heat and cold during use, and does not require circulating cooling water. The perfect control system realizes the integration, intelligence, control, warning and protection system of the production line to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the production line. The multi-range, high-precision oxygen analyzer provides advanced means for real-time and accurate measurement of furnace atmosphere. The above is an introduction to aluminum brazing furnaces. The lack of Kehua product knowledge is a common phenomenon among our young people. In order to help you, we have collected the most complete knowledge in this area, hoping to help you.
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