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All blue quenched claw knife is a personal carry knife

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
All blue quenched claw knife It originated in Bali and is a kind of portable knife for local Indonesians. Its shape is a bit like a tiger claw. It can be used not only as a small weapon for self-defense, but also for daily work. If you are interested, you can Let’s learn about it with Kehua editor! All blue quenched claw knife The all blue quenched claw knife originated in Bali, and is a popular personal portable knife for Indonesia, Malaya and other places, suitable for self-defense. Now it has evolved fancy functions. Its origins can be traced back to Malaysia and Java from Sumatra, and its source comes from the local religions. Its shape is a tiger claw, the incarnation of the king's soul, which is entrusted with mystical powers. Later, due to the introduction of Hinduism, it was changed to the shape of the claws of the Hindu gods Bima and Hanuman, and then gradually became the current shape. For use in the battlefield, the earliest KARAMBIT was very large, but with the evolution of history, it gradually became a small weapon for self-defense. All Blue Quenched Claw Knife The History of All Blue Quenched Claw Knife Karambit is a personal pocket knife popular in ancient Indonesia and Malaya. Karambit has become synonymous with this curved blade style, which is not just for self-defense, but for everyday work. We don't know who first designed it, but Karambit has been a close companion to the inhabitants of the ancient village for centuries, though it remains a secret with a strong mystique to the outside world. Karambit (sometimes kerambit) is a characteristic knife in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and other places, and its birthplace is Bali, Indonesia. This knife was originally an agricultural tool, but it has gradually evolved into a product that is both a tool and a knife in daily use. The Karambit is a sharply curved knife, usually double-edged, that can be extended to the bottom of the hand, with the tip forward, when held with the standard holding method. Because of the design characteristics of karambit, his cutting and cutting energy is very strong, which can cause relatively large cuts to the opponent. At the same time, although the blade length of the knife is limited, his tail ring can ensure that it is not easy to let go when using it. All blue quenched claw knife The above is the relevant introduction about the all blue quenched claw knife. The color of this knife is all blue, and the appearance is very cool and beautiful. Because the knife adopts a curved structure, it will be easy to operate. It has a very good torque. If you want to know more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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