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Analysis of the working principle of water pipeline heating equipment

by:Kehua     2022-07-29
Where are the water pipe heating equipment used, and what is the principle of the water pipe heating equipment. Next, I will explain the industrial pipe heating equipment. Pipe heating is to use electricity to generate heat energy, and then use the heat energy to wrap the pipe. , so that the pipeline plays the role of heating and heat preservation. Water pipe heater features: 1. The water pipe heater adopts a stainless steel cylinder, which is small in size, occupies less space, is easy to move, and has strong corrosion resistance. A thickened thermal insulation layer is used between the stainless steel inner tank and the stainless steel outer shell, which minimizes temperature loss and maintains temperature and save electricity. 2. The main parts of the high-quality heating element (stainless steel electric heating tube) use imported materials, and the processing also uses advanced production equipment and technology, with different voltages to maximize performance. Its insulation, pressure resistance and moisture resistance are higher than national standards, and it is safe and reliable to use. 3. The water flow direction of the Kehua water pipe heating equipment is reasonably designed, the heating is uniform, there is no dead angle between high and low temperatures, and the thermal efficiency is high. 4. The water pipe heater is equipped with a domestic well-known brand thermostat, and the user can freely set the temperature. All are equipped with overheat protectors to control the temperature and protect against water shortage and over temperature to avoid damage to heating elements and systems. The difference between the oil circulation temperature control machine and the water heating temperature control equipment for the water pipeline heating equipment: When the water heating temperature control equipment is just started, the cooling circulation pipe is introduced into the water source, and the exhaust is automatically started to fill all the water in the system. , Observe the pressure gauge. After the pointer is stable, it will reach the set value. At this time, the heating device will start to work, and let the temperature-sensing probe detect the temperature. If the set value is not reached, the heating system will continue to work. , If the temperature reaches the value we set, the temperature sensing head will send the information to the computer version, the computer version will output the information and then stop heating, when the temperature exceeds the set value, the oil circulation temperature controller will start cooling Solenoid valve, introduce cold water to stop heating until the set temperature is closed. The medium used by Kehua water heating and temperature control equipment is water. Generally, direct heating or direct cooling is used in heating and cooling. In today's society, the temperature of water heating and temperature control equipment used by general manufacturers is: 120-degree water temperature machine, 150-degree water temperature machine, and 180-degree water temperature machine. The medium used by the oil circulation temperature controller is industrial oil that is not easily affected by high temperature. The principle used is the same as that of the water temperature controller, which is carried out by direct heating or direct cooling. Generally speaking, we can divide its temperature into 200-degree oil temperature machine, 300-degree oil temperature machine and 350-degree oil temperature machine. Friends who have carefully observed the oil circulation temperature controller should know that there is an oil storage tank on the oil circulation temperature controller. From the beginning of work, the heat transfer oil enters the system from the oil storage tank, and then The heat transfer oil is pumped into the products that need heat through the circulating pump, and then the heat transfer oil comes out from the temperature control equipment, and then returns to the system. This continues to circulate. The oil temperature machine itself has an exhaust function , When the exhaust function of the entire system is completed, the heating system will restart, and then the heat transfer oil will slowly heat up, transferring the heat to the heat-using product that needs to be heated, and the temperature sensor will detect the temperature of the heat transfer oil inside the product. , if it is equal to the temperature we set, the heater will stop working, if it is higher than the value we set, the cooling system will automatically open to maintain the temperature at the value we set. If the temperature is lower than the value we set, the oil circulation temperature controller will start to work, and it will stop working until the temperature reaches the value we set. Effect. This kind of water pipeline heating equipment is very efficient and effective in some industrial fields. It is not only safe and reliable, with good heating effect, but also very good in terms of durability, not only heat-resistant but also corrosion-resistant.
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