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Briefly describe what are the cooling tower accessories? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-19
​ Cooling towers are generally mainly composed of fillers (also known as heat sinks), water distribution systems, ventilation equipment, air distribution devices (such as: air inlet shutters, air guides, wind carcasses), water barriers (or water collectors), water collection tanks (or sump) and other parts, and different combinations of the above structures can be constructed into different types of cooling towers. The main accessories of the cooling equipment are as follows: 1. Fan: The standard, low-noise and ultra-low-noise fans used in the water tower are specially designed by Zhejiang Shangfeng Co., Ltd. shape leaf design. Light weight, large air volume, low energy consumption, low noise, and streamlined high-strength air duct ensures that the air flow at the inlet and outlet of the fan evenly reduces the horsepower of the fan. The blade installation angle can be changed to meet different process requirements and improve the efficiency of the device. The fan vibration protection device can be equipped according to user needs. 2. Motor: It adopts fully enclosed cooling application motor, protection grade P55, 380V/3φ/50Hz, and can be equipped with domestic or imported motors and matching frequency converters according to user requirements. 3. The shell of the tower (including the low basin) is made of high-strength 'FRP' composite material. The surface is corrosion-resistant and weather-resistant gel coat layer is made of imported materials. Its color contains anti-ultraviolet stabilizer, which has good quality, Beautiful appearance, hard to fade, anti-aging and other characteristics. 4. The performance of the filler The filler is made of hydrophilic material. Water can form a water film on the surface of the filler, and it flows down slowly. The water has sufficient heat dissipation time, so its heat dissipation efficiency is high. Ordinary film PVC - the maximum working temperature can reach 54.5 ℃ High temperature film UPVC - the maximum working temperature can reach 70 ℃ The rotor is durable and will not turn around over time like an aluminum rotor. 6. Nozzle: It adopts special nozzle, which has the characteristics of low water pressure, uniform spraying and no blockage, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
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