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Bright heat treatment furnace

by:Kehua     2022-08-03
Bright heat treatment furnace is a type of heat treatment furnace. In many cases, this process is used and it has become one of the processes that people need to understand in modern industrial production. So, what are the functions of bright heat treatment furnace? Let's take a look Let's go. Bright heat treatment furnace 1. Heat treatment furnace Kehua pointed out that heat treatment furnace is a general term for industrial furnaces that perform various metal heat treatments on metal workpieces. The temperature is generally lower than that of the heating furnace. The heat treatment furnace can use various furnace types, but requires stricter control of furnace temperature and furnace atmosphere. Most of the heat treatment furnaces are heated by gas fuel. In order to accurately control the furnace temperature, some heat treatment furnaces are heated by electricity. Modern heat treatment (especially chemical heat treatment) processes are becoming more and more complex, and there are many forms of heat treatment furnaces. For the continuous heat treatment process, a suitable continuous heat treatment furnace must be equipped; for the heat treatment process of periodic work, a controlled atmosphere of forced circulation and the operation of the furnace should be mechanized and automated. 2. Bright heat treatment Generally, the heating temperature of solution treatment for surface heat treatment is between 780-820°C. For materials used as elastic components, 760-780°C is used, mainly to prevent the coarse grains from affecting the strength. The temperature uniformity of solution treatment furnace should be strictly controlled within ±5℃. The holding time can generally be calculated as 1 hour/25mm. When the beryllium bronze is subjected to solution heating treatment in air or an oxidizing atmosphere, an oxide film will be formed on the surface. Although it has little effect on the mechanical properties after aging strengthening, it will affect the service life of the tool during cold working. Kehua pointed out that in order to avoid oxidation, it should be heated in a vacuum furnace or ammonia decomposition, inert gas, and reducing atmosphere, so as to obtain a bright surface heat treatment effect. In addition, attention should be paid to shortening the transfer time as much as possible, otherwise it will affect the heat treatment effect after aging. Bright heat treatment furnace 3. The role of bright heat treatment furnace Heat treatment is an extremely important process in the production of mechanical and electronic industries. The main heating equipment used in this process is the heat treatment furnace. By heating the heat treatment furnace, the mechanical properties of the metal material in the furnace are changed. Because the properties of the internal structure of metal materials are different at different temperatures, the desired structure and better mechanical properties can be obtained by heat treatment of metal materials. For example, annealing a metal material is to eliminate the internal stress of the material by heating. The quenching, tempering, carburizing and other heat treatments of metal materials are all to obtain the desired metal crystalline structure by accurately controlling the heating temperature, holding time and cooling rate, so as to obtain the desired mechanical properties of the material. The role of the bright heat treatment furnace has been summarized for our friends above. Obviously, the bright heat treatment furnace has a very important position in the modern production process and is widely used. In short, I hope everyone can further understand the bright heat treatment. furnace.
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