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The National Electric Furnace Quality Supervision and Inspection Center conducted a type test of the "KGPS-3000-0.3S / GW4 Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Induction Furnace" of Weifang Kehua Electric Furnace Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the rated capacity, power, Temperature, rated frequency, power factor, melting rate, unit power consumption, surface temperature rise of heated components, noise, cooling water temperature, grounding resistance, etc.


The test results meet the national standards GB / T10067.3-2015, GB / T10066 .3-2014, GB5959.3-2008 technical requirements. The rated temperature is 1450℃, the power factor is as high as 0.982, and the unit power consumption is 548.1KW · h / t, which meets the first-class standards. For this power consumption, the electricity cost that can be saved for the user is considerable.

IGBT small capacity precious metal melting
IGBT small capacity precious metal melting
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