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Circular cooling tower commissioning and daily use instructions

by:Kehua     2022-09-29
Users of circular cooling towers should conduct debugging during the use of circular cooling towers, and the daily inspection work should be in place. The following cooling equipment manufacturers introduce the debugging and daily use instructions of circular cooling towers: When the water distributor of the shaped cooling equipment does not rotate or the water distribution is uneven, it should be shut down for maintenance. (2) If there is any abnormal sound in the circular cooling tower, it should be stopped immediately, and all inspections should be carried out until the fault is eliminated. (3) The circulating water of the circular cooling tower should be tap water or clean water, should not contain oil and impurities, and the turbidity should not be greater than 50mm/1. (4) As an important cooling equipment, the circular cooling tower should be managed by a special person, and the effect of icing should be considered when the weather in the north is colder. (5) Before using the circular cooling tower, flush all the inlet and outlet pipes and pools, and remove the garbage in the tower to prevent the pipeline from being blocked. (6) The connecting bolts of each part of the circular cooling tower, especially the transmission parts (fan, motor, rotating water distributor), must be tightened. (7) The fan blades of the circular cooling tower rotate flexibly without bumping into the shell. When the fan is working, it should be clockwise when viewed from the top of the tower, and the wind will be drawn upward. (8) Check whether the oil level of the gear reducer is normal for the circular cooling tower. After the belt of the belt reducer runs for about 60H, the belt tension must be re-checked to ensure that it is normal, and the butter is generally about 50 grams per unit, and the inspection is carried out in three months. Raise once. (9) After the fan works, open the water valve, and at the same time, the flow rate of the water pump, the water pressure into the tower, the current, the voltage, the vibration and the noise should be within the specified range, and the temperature, flow, Recording of meteorological parameters.
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