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Circular cooling tower maintenance and construction plan

by:Kehua     2022-09-29
The glass fiber reinforced plastic parts and plastics of the circular cooling equipment have been aged to varying degrees, and the iron is severely corroded. If it is not repaired in time, it will bring inconvenience to normal use. Therefore, it is urgent to repair and repair, and the cooling equipment manufacturer needs to provide a construction plan for the maintenance of the circular cooling tower. Before giving the construction plan, it is necessary to understand the current situation of the circular cooling equipment: For example, the following: the ventilation towers around the bottom of the glass fiber reinforced plastics are aging and need to be replaced, the water distributor and packing in the tower are aging, and the water circulation cannot be normal. The motor bracket and iron are seriously corroded, which affects the normal use. The cooling water pipe bracket is seriously corroded and needs to be replaced. The cable tray is seriously corroded and needs to be replaced. Valve components need secondary anti-corrosion. The exterior above the water tower is severely corroded, and the epoxy resin has a glass shell. The given construction plan is as follows: the water supply pipe needs to be replaced, and the new PVC water-draining packing needs to be replaced; the packing bracket needs to be cleaned and repaired; the old parts need to be removed and cleaned; Rust and anti-corrosion; replacement of cable bridge; replacement of pipe support with galvanized channel steel; descaling and cleaning of the water tank in the tower; secondary epoxy resin construction above the water tower.​
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