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Circular cooling tower motor fault repair method

by:Kehua     2022-09-30
Once the click fails, it will not only affect the work efficiency, but also cause certain damage to the circular cooling equipment equipment. The following Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers will tell you the maintenance method of the Kehua circular cooling equipment motor failure: 1. After the insulation is damp, the winding resistance will be reduced after the winding is heated and dried; if the insulation resistance is still very low , After testing, it is found that the stator and the stator core are short-circuited, and the winding is grounded, which will make the motor shell electrified. To check carefully, separate the stator and the stator core short-circuit, and insulate them separately. 2. Insulation aging. Replace the windings with aging insulation, and drip insulating paint at the winding joints as required to prevent short circuit between windings; then carry out no-load test for 8 hours, measure the interphase resistance, and observe the operation of the motor. If there is no abnormal change in the resistance value, the motor runs smoothly and the temperature rise is normal, the insulation replacement is completed. 3. Bearing failure. Install a special small puller on the motor, bite the rear end of the puller jack screw with a pipe wrench, turn the jack screw evenly with force, and remove the original bearing of the motor. Remove burrs with tools such as a fine file, apply insulating paint, and heat to dry. After cleaning, put on a new bearing that has been greased and maintained, put a soft copper rod on it, and evenly tap it with a hammer to install it in place. Turn the rotor of the motor to run smoothly, lightly and smoothly without noise.
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