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Classification and use of high temperature cooling tower packing-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-16
​There are three kinds of packing for high temperature cooling tower: PVC, PP and combined packing, PP is the industrial type high temperature cooling tower with PVC is the standard type commonly used! These two kinds of material processing equipment are produced by calendering line. Conventional cooling equipment packing is modified PVC, which is used in cooling tower packing below 40 degrees; modified PP packing is currently used for medium and high temperature cooling tower packing due to its strong high temperature resistance; the price of specific PP packing is much higher than that of PVC packing . The combined filler has a high heat dissipation function, and each bundle of wires is connected with 4 square holes, so that the robustness of the aldehyde wire on the plastic ring is obvious. Combination packing is ideal in the case of strong aeration and turbulent water flow. Cycle back and forth, the filler will not produce balling phenomenon, and greatly increase the service life of the filler, and the filling will not produce balling phenomenon. The combined filler greatly increases the service life of the filler, with low resistance, good water distribution and air distribution, large specific surface area, high oxygen utilization rate, variable pores, non-blocking, easy film growth, and the function of cutting air bubbles. The assembling method that can adjust the thickness of silk strips is completely suitable for anaerobic, facultative and aerobic disposal technologies of various wastewaters.
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