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Common Abnormalities of Filling Used in Circular Cooling Towers-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Towers

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
​ The filler plays an important role in the circular cooling tower, and the use of the filler also requires daily maintenance and replacement of waste, but if it is not handled properly, the following abnormalities will occur: 1. Scaling. The packing in the circular cooling tower body has scale, which is generally calcium carbonate scale attached to the packing, which is stone-like and has a hard texture. This is one of the replacement signs for judgment. Second, sink. The packing of the circular cooling tower body is contaminated with heavy ash, and sometimes a large number of algal organisms multiply, which causes the packing to sink and cannot be used. This is also a clear sign of filler replacement. 3. Natural aging. After long-term use, the filler gradually becomes old, brittle and easily damaged due to the erosion of water and air. The aging of the high temperature tower packing is faster than that of the ordinary tower, and it is generally replaced every 4 to 6 years. 4. Incorrect selection or improper operation will cause serious damage to the cooling equipment packing. All types of cooling towers have design work index values, and incorrect selection will directly lead to serious damage and scrapping of the cooling tower. In terms of important working indicators such as inlet water temperature and configuration tonnage, if the working index exceeds the designed maximum index value due to improper operation, it will also cause serious damage to the packing. For example, the design value of the inlet water temperature of a non-high temperature cooling tower does not exceed 45°C. If the inlet water temperature reaches 60°C, the cooling tower will be overburdened in a short period of time, and the filler will be burnt due to its inability to withstand high temperature. replace.
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