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Content sharing of tungsten steel annealing, do you know the tungsten steel process-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-24
Tungsten steel is a very hard material. Next, we will share the content of tungsten steel annealing for our friends. Friends who are interested in this issue, don't miss the following content. Help you understand tungsten steel. Tungsten steel annealing 1. Tungsten steel Kehua pointed out that tungsten steel (tungsten carbide) has a series of excellent properties such as high hardness, wear resistance, good strength and toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance, especially its high hardness and wear resistance. , it remains basically unchanged even at a temperature of 500 °C, and still has a high hardness at 1000 °C. Tungsten steel, also known as cemented carbide, refers to a sintered composite material containing at least one metal carbide. Tungsten carbide, cobalt carbide, niobium carbide, titanium carbide, and tantalum carbide are common components of tungsten steel. The grain size of the carbide component (or phase) is typically between 0.2-10 microns, and the carbide grains are held together using a metallic binder. The binder usually refers to the metal cobalt (Co), but for some special applications, nickel (Ni), iron (Fe), or other metals and alloys can also be used. A compositional combination of carbide and binder phase to be determined is referred to as a 'grade'. The classification of tungsten steel is carried out according to ISO standards. This classification is based on the material type of the workpiece (such as P, M, K, N, S, H grades). The binder phase composition is mainly used for its strength and corrosion resistance. The matrix of tungsten steel consists of two parts: one part is the hardening phase; the other part is the bonding metal. Binder metals are generally iron group metals, commonly used cobalt and nickel. Therefore, there are tungsten-cobalt alloys, tungsten-nickel alloys and tungsten-titanium-cobalt alloys. For tungsten-containing steels, such as high-speed steel and some hot work die steels, the tungsten-containing steels can significantly improve the hardness and heat resistance of the steels, but the toughness will drop sharply. The main application of tungsten resources is also cemented carbide, that is, tungsten steel. Carbide, known as the teeth of modern industry, is widely used in tungsten steel products. 2. Will tungsten steel be annealed? Kehua believes that because tungsten steel contains tungsten, it has good red hardness and a higher annealing temperature, but if the temperature is too high, of course it will. Annealing of tungsten steel 3. Annealing Annealing is a metal heat treatment process, which refers to slowly heating the metal to a certain temperature, keeping it for a sufficient time, and then cooling it at a suitable speed. The purpose is to reduce hardness, improve machinability; eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, reduce deformation and crack tendency; refine grains, adjust organization, and eliminate organizational defects. To be precise, annealing is a heat treatment process for materials, including metallic materials and non-metallic materials. Moreover, the purpose of annealing of new materials is similar to that of traditional metal annealing. The content of tungsten steel annealing is as mentioned above. After reading it, do you also know that although the hardness of tungsten steel is relatively large, it does not affect its own annealing. For the specific process, you can continue to pay attention to us. We will continue to share with you.
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