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Cool looking kehua furnace cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-28
Today, the editor is going to show you how a bright and beautiful kehua furnace cooling equipment has been tempered.
When the kehua furnace cooling tower is produced, it is generally necessary to paint the kehua furnace cooling tower with a bright and beautiful layer.“clothing”Just to finish one. Hand wash is to apply primer.
When the kehua furnace cooling tower is made, the primer should be applied within six hours. When painting, it should be painted up and down, left and right, difficult then easy, and criss-crossed. The corners need to be brushed again. The second is to apply the intermediate paint.
Wait for the painted primer to dry for 24 hours before painting the intermediate paint. During the painting process, ensure that there are no pinholes, no flow, and no leakage. Then apply the topcoat.
The steps at this time need to wait for the painted intermediate paint to dry. When painting the top paint, ensure that the paint liquid is plump, uniform in color, smooth and flat, and there should be a little gloss after painting.
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