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Cooling towers make you more excited

by:Kehua     2022-10-02
The cooling water tower is a device that uses the contact of hydrated air to dissipate waste heat generated in industry or refrigeration and air conditioning through evaporation. The basic principle is: after the dry (low enthalpy) air is pumped by the fan, it enters the cooling equipment from the air inlet; ) water is sprinkled into the tower from the water seeding system. When the water droplets are in contact with the air, on the one hand, due to the direct heat transfer between the air and the air, on the other hand, due to the pressure difference between the surface of the water vapor and the air, evaporation occurs under the action of the pressure, which is brought to the current for the latent heat of evaporation. Take away the heat in the water, that is, evaporation and heat transfer, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling. We Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers have been selling Kehua round cooling towers and square cooling towers, feel free to call if needed.
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