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Cross-flow cooling tower has three advantages

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
1. Small footprint and easy to assemble. The number of units can be flexibly adjusted according to the load of the host to achieve the purpose of energy saving; 2. Low noise, low-noise motor is used, and the fan is equipped with an air hood to increase air volume and reduce wind noise. Gravity type Scattered water design, the water flow is slow, the water is evenly dispersed, there is no dripping sound, and the noise is the lowest; 3. Easy to maintain, because the tower is a combined design, it can be repaired and maintained when the tower is turned on, and the cleaning of the packing is the most convenient. The company has been producing and selling Kehua circular cooling towers and square cooling towers. If necessary, you can contact Kehua cooling equipment manufacturers.
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need fuel for energy,while high frequency induction heating machine do not.
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