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Daily cleaning of closed cooling tower-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-17
​ The maintenance of the closed cooling tower can be mainly divided into daily cleaning work and daily maintenance. The closed cooling equipment is to place the tubular heat exchanger (heat exchange coil) in the tower, through forced ventilation, spray water and circulation The heat exchange of the water ensures the cooling effect. Its closed circulation feature can ensure that the water consumption is very small and the water quality is not polluted, which ensures the efficient operation of the main equipment and prolongs the service life. When winter comes or the outside temperature is low, the sprinkler system can be stopped to save water and energy. With the increasing scarcity of water resources and the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, closed cooling towers will play an important role in the energy industry, power electronics, food processing, air conditioning and refrigeration industries in the next few years. The closed cooling tower routinely cleans some of the internal water collection tanks, spray pipes, spray heads and other parts of the tower body, and cleans up the dirt in time to avoid the accumulation of scale and dirt to block the pipes. Check the packing part to see if there is dirt on it. If there is dirt, it needs to be cleaned up in time to ensure the cleanness of the heat exchange environment. Clean the dirt on the surface of the fan blade, check the angle of the fan blade, the clearance between the fan blade and the fan body, and make adjustments.​ Check whether the floating ball of the copper ball valve in the sump of the closed cooling equipment is damaged and works normally. Check the water collecting tank, tower foot and other places for water leakage. If there is a leak, repair the glue in time. Check whether the reducer of the closed cooling equipment rotates normally. If there is abnormal sound, replace the bearing of the reducer immediately, and check whether the fan blades are evenly distributed or not. Check the belt for damage and cracks, and replace the belt with a new one if necessary. It is recommended to replace the belt every 2 months. Check whether the terminals of the fully enclosed motor are in good condition, whether there is vibration or abnormal sound when the motor rotates, and whether the fixing screws of the motor are loose.​
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