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Detailed explanation of the use of high frequency quenching equipment in various industries

by:Kehua     2022-07-21
High-frequency quenching equipment is a surface quenching equipment that outputs high-frequency current from an induction heating device, generates an alternating magnetic field through an induction coil, and runs through the metal workpiece placed in the induction coil to form an eddy current to heat it rapidly, and then quickly cool the workpiece through water cooling. Surface quenching equipment , the induction coil itself does not generate heat, which has been around for decades. Next, the editor will take netizens to understand the use of high-frequency quenching equipment in various industries. I hope netizens like it. Detailed explanation of the use of high frequency quenching equipment in various industries: 1. Heat treatment industry 1. High frequency quenching heat treatment for various automobile and motorcycle parts, such as: crankshaft, connecting rod, piston pin, camshaft, valve, various gears in the gearbox , All kinds of forks, all kinds of spline shafts, transmission half shafts, all kinds of small shaft crank pins, all kinds of rocker arms, rocker shafts and other high-frequency quenching heat treatment. 2. High-frequency quenching heat treatment of hardware tools, such as vices, hammers, strong pliers, wrenches. High-frequency quenching equipment 3. Hydraulic components such as: the plunger of the plunger pump, the rotor of the rotor pump, the reversing shaft on various valves, the gear of the gear pump, etc. are high-frequency quenching. 4. High-frequency quenching heat treatment of gear shafts of various power tools. 5. Various woodworking tools, such as: axes, planers and other heat treatment. 2. Forging industry 1. Steel plate heating, bending and forming. 2. Standard parts, heat forming of fasteners. 3. Heat diathermy for hardware tools, such as pliers, wrenches, etc. 4. Extrusion of the taper shank of the prospecting drill rod. 5. Steel pipe diathermy forming, such as pipe bending, etc. High-frequency quenching equipment 3. Brazing: 1. Welding of carbide cutting tools. Such as turning tools, milling cutters, reamer. 2. Welding of diamond bits. Such as diamond saw blades, abrasive tools, sawtooth welding. Welding of drill bits for prospecting, such as the welding of straight-line drill bits and claw bits. 3. Advantages of high-frequency quenching equipment for brass and copper: 1. Using IGBT modules, energy saving: 30% power saving than electronic tube type, 20% power saving than thyristor; 2. Stable performance: complete protection measures, No worries; 3. Small size: it adopts split structure, light weight and easy to move and install; 4. Environmental protection: no pollution, noise and dust; 5. Strong adaptability: can heat various workpieces; 6. Temperature And the heating time can be precisely controlled, and the processing quality is high. This time, the editor mainly introduced the use of high-frequency quenching equipment in various industries and the 6 advantages of high-frequency quenching equipment to the majority of netizens, hoping to help netizens in need!
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