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Detailed introduction of large roll annealing furnace, come and learn!

by:Kehua     2022-08-02
Roll annealing furnace is mainly used for industrial processing. It is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It not only reduces costs for enterprises, but also greatly increases benefits. Next, Kehua will give you a detailed introduction of large-scale roll annealing furnaces, so stay tuned . Large-scale roll annealing furnace Roll annealing furnace application: Roll annealing furnace is a national standard energy-saving periodic operation furnace, mainly suitable for steel mills, special steel, machining, chemical machinery, heavy industry, metallurgical smelting, casting, forging, flange rings , Rolls, steel components, wire drawing, environmental protection equipment, machinery supporting enterprises, loaders, diesel engines, military and other industries for heat treatment workshop heating. Temperature requirements for roll annealing furnaces: Roll annealing furnaces are divided into high temperature furnaces, medium temperature furnaces and low temperature tempering furnaces. The characteristics of the products are selected, and the size and load of the furnace are ordered according to customer requirements. Roller Annealing Furnace Control: The control adopts contactor, thyristor, solid state, module, electronic digital display, intelligent digital display, computer, PID, PLC, remote control, centralized control, programming control, and records with middle circle diagram and long circle diagram. There is a paper recorder, and a liquid crystal paperless recorder can also be used to record. Roller annealing furnace structure: The structure is made of full-fiber aluminum silicate spun silk blankets to make modules into the furnace body. The furnace bottom is made of light insulation bricks and heavy refractory bricks. The heating elements are heated by resistance wires and resistance belts. The shell is made of steel plate and section steel, and the furnace door and trolley are mechanically driven; the specific configuration is designed and equipped according to the requirements of customers and furnace temperature. Features of roll annealing furnace: 1. Energy saving: full fiber energy-saving furnace lining, fast heating speed, good heat preservation effect; 2. High automation: automatic temperature control system, timing start, automatic operation, automatic power off after operation, over temperature alarm; 3 .Safety: double high-power electrical appliances, over-current, over-temperature protection, unattended, safe and reliable; 4. Reliable: uniform heating, improve heat treatment quality. Large-scale roll annealing furnace The above is the detailed introduction of the large-scale roll annealing furnace sent by Kehua. Interested friends can learn about it. It is worth owning. If you want to get more information, please follow us.
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