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Detailed introduction of screw annealing furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
Among the new products launched by Kehua, the one with the best sales and the most inquiries is our screw annealing furnace. Many people still know very little about this design. Between this point, we will prepare for you read this article. Screw Annealing Furnace Product Description The main function of the trolley type aluminum wire annealing furnace: the electric furnace is equipped with a hot air circulation device to make the furnace temperature uniform, the workpiece is heated evenly, the electric furnace has a large loading capacity and high productivity, and is suitable for tempering and quenching of various types of parts. , For preheating, the lining of the electric furnace adopts a full fiber structure, which improves the heat preservation performance of the furnace body, saves energy, and reduces production costs. Attention should be paid to the use of annealing furnace 1. The shell of this series of electric furnaces is welded by steel plate and section steel. The bottom of the furnace body is connected with the light rail of the trolley. The user does not need basic installation, but only needs to be placed on a flat cement floor to use. 2. The furnace lining adopts fiber cotton structure and high-quality long fiber thorn blanket as raw material, which has good thermal insulation effect, and the product is convenient and quick to construct. 3. The heating element adopts '304' stainless steel electric heating tube, which is hung and placed on both sides of the furnace wall and on the trolley, which is safe and simple. 4. The centrifugal fan is installed on the top of the furnace, and the fan blades are installed in the butterfly-shaped wind nest. The 'butterfly'-shaped wind nest is connected with the air duct on the side of the furnace to form a hot air circulation. The air is sucked in from the top and spit out from the bottom through the air ducts on both sides. , The heat generated by the electric heating tube is sent into the furnace, and the furnace temperature is uniform. A high-strength and high-temperature-resistant cast steel furnace bottom plate is laid on the trolley to carry the workpiece. 5. The trolley entry and exit device is composed of a reducer, a sprocket, a transmission shaft and a bearing. The furnace door is connected to the trolley and pressed with a hand wheel. The furnace door can also be made into a side-opening type or a lifting type, which is designed to be simple and convenient according to the customer's operational needs. Screw Annealing Furnace Now that you have passed these preliminary understandings, what do you know about our Kehua screw annealing furnace? Give us a trust, our equipment will give you a miracle.
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