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Details to pay attention to when maintaining and maintaining cooling equipment

by:Kehua     2022-09-19
The circular cooling equipment plays a very important role in our production and life, and its normal operation also determines the operational reliability of the entire system. So how should we maintain it? The cooling tower manufacturer explains the details that need to be paid attention to in the maintenance of cooling equipment. 1. Pay attention to the operation status of the circular cooling tower and check the historical records: a. Check the operation of the circular cooling tower; b. Record the current problems of the circular cooling tower. 2. Check the exterior and fixation of the cooling equipment unit: a. Check the water quality of the circular cooling tower; b. Check the appearance of the circular cooling tower for corrosion and pollution, and if necessary, anti-corrosion; c. Check the leakage of the external interfaces of the circular cooling tower , and repair if necessary. 3. Check the water distributor and packing of the cooling equipment: a. Check the water outlet of the water distribution pipe of the circular cooling tower; b. Check the scaling and aging of the packing; c. Check the scaling of the water pan of the circular cooling tower. Fourth, check the mechanical operation part of the cooling equipment calibration: a. Check and lubricate the cooling tower fan bearing; b. Check and replace the gearbox lubricating oil, and make mechanical adjustments; c. Check and adjust the pulley and replace the damaged belt.
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