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Development History and Characteristics of Small Induction Melting Furnace

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
Induction melting furnace is a kind of melting equipment. This kind of equipment is often seen in the metallurgical processing industry. This kind of machine is very simple and convenient to operate. Let's learn about the development history and characteristics of small induction melting furnaces with Kehua. Small induction melting furnace 1. Development history of induction melting furnace As a kind of melting equipment, it has a history of decades in cast iron melting and duplex melting. my country also has rich experience in manufacturing and applying power frequency furnaces and intermediate frequency furnaces. Remarkable progress has been made in many aspects such as power supply structure, frequency conversion technology, integrated control, and circulating cooling technology. There are more and more manufacturers using induction melting furnaces and insulation, including the famous manufacturer Ningbo Shenguang Furnace Co., Ltd. 2. Characteristics of induction furnace smelting 1) Induction furnaces used for smelting can currently produce a single unit with a capacity of nearly 100 tons, which can meet the needs of large-scale production. However, the expansion of installed power capacity is often an insurmountable obstacle for many enterprises. Therefore, induction furnaces are more suitable for small and medium-scale production. 2) The induction furnace can melt various commonly used grades of steel and non-ferrous metals. As far as the production of iron castings is concerned, the adaptability of induction furnaces to products is better than that of cupola furnaces. Induction furnaces can smelt a variety of high-alloy cast irons, such as high-chromium cast irons. 3) The induction furnace is intermittent smelting, which provides molten iron equal to the furnace capacity at intervals. For the production method of the stage work system, the induction furnace is more suitable. 4) Impact on the environment: the smoke and dust of the induction melting furnace are oxide fine particles; strong electromagnetic pollution; the pollution is all in the workshop; the induction furnace uses electricity as the energy source, and the power consumption per ton of molten iron is about 2160MJ (600kWh). Second, Kehua introduced Guangzhou Kehua Technology Co., Ltd. with the goal of 'producing energy-saving and environmentally friendly induction heating equipment to save money for usersThe full range of high-frequency induction heating equipment includes: medium frequency melting furnace, super audio frequency heating machine, ultra high frequency heating equipment and supporting medium frequency diathermy forging furnace, CNC quenching machine tool, chiller and related supporting equipment, which are widely used in metal processing industry. , such as metal preheating, high frequency welding (brazing), diathermy forming, quenching, annealing, heat shrinking and other processes, all products can be customized according to customer process requirements. 3. Composition of induction melting furnace: intermediate frequency power supply, capacitor cabinet, furnace body, mechanical tilting furnace device (or hydraulic tilting furnace device), water distributor, crucible mold (or graphite crucible, iron crucible), water-cooled cable, connecting copper Row. Small Induction Melting Furnace The development history and characteristics of small induction melting furnaces have been introduced very clearly to us by Kehua. This kind of induction melting furnace has a particularly uniform heating temperature and a particularly fast heating temperature during operation, so many industries choose this type of induction melting furnace. Induction melting furnace.
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