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Don't Ignore Vibration Issues in Kehua Furnace Cooling Towers

by:Kehua     2022-10-02
The drive shaft is bent. Because the drive shaft of the kehua furnace cooling equipment fan is relatively long and thin, when it is subjected to external pressure during operation, it may not be balanced and stable, resulting in vibration. The struts in the cooling equipment of the kehua furnace are not strong enough. The kehua furnace cooling equipment has a huge power during operation. If the strength of the pillars of the relevant components in the tower is not enough, the equipment will be unstable during operation, resulting in shaking, causing the cooling tower to vibrate too much. Gearbox accuracy error. If the parts of the gearbox are damaged during operation, it will cause the cooling tower fan to vibrate during operation, and even cause safety hazards, so it must be dealt with in time.
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