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Dongguan City Heat Treatment Equipment Factory manufactures various mold vacuum heat treatment-Youzao heat treatment equipment

by:Kehua     2022-08-07
Dongguan heat treatment equipment manufacturer is a manufacturer engaged in heat treatment processing and vacuum heat treatment of various molds. It mainly provides heat treatment services such as stainless steel, cutting tools and nitriding. If you are interested, please follow Kehua Xiaobian to learn about it! Vacuum heat treatment Dongguan City Heat Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is engaged in heat treatment processing. The factory wholeheartedly provides vacuum heat treatment for your company, hardware parts carburizing, carbonitriding, screws, manganese sheet quenching, annealing, 420J₁J₂ stainless steel. Knives, tableware bright treatment, salt bath, nitriding and other heat treatment services. 1. Professional and technical services: a number of experienced professional technicians who have been engaged in heat treatment for a long time can solve all kinds of difficult heat treatment problems for you. 2. Complete processing equipment: It has advanced continuous protective atmosphere mesh belt furnace, bright furnace, vacuum furnace, box furnace, salt bath furnace and other production equipment. 3. Perfect testing equipment to ensure synchronous testing with customers and ensure customer quality requirements. 4. Business scope of heat treatment: ①Bright quenching of manganese sheet SK5, 45﹟, SCM435 and other materials; ②Carburizing and carbonitriding of single-gloss material, double-bright material, iron sheet 1006, 1010, 1022 and other materials; ③0₁CrWMn718, Vacuum quenching of 738, Crl2, Crl2mov, D₂, SKH9, H13, 420, S136, 2316 and other mold materials: ④Aging treatment of copper, aluminum alloy, 431, 630, 17-7 stainless steel and other materials; ⑤Screw series. Dongguan City Heat Treatment Equipment Quality Assurance 'Quality AssurancePlease believe that we will give back to our new and old customers with quality and service. Welcome calls and letters for inquiries. Dongguan Heat Treatment Equipment Factory is a manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment of various molds, mechanical hardware parts, etc., conventional heat treatment, oxidation, carburizing, normalizing, annealing, blackening and heat treatment of non-ferrous metals, etc., and consulting heat treatment process and metal materials selection. Our products not only have advanced technology and equipment, perfect testing methods, complete product specifications, good performance, stable and reliable quality, but also a unity of reasonable price and practicability, which are well received by customers. After years of pioneering and self-improvement, our factory has developed into a professional heat treatment factory. Dongguan heat treatment equipment The above is the relevant introduction of Dongguan heat treatment equipment. Our manufacturers not only have advanced technology and equipment, but also have perfect testing technology. The most important thing is that the price is reasonable, so choosing our products is an absolutely wise choice. For more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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