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Dongguan high-frequency heating equipment generates rapidly changing magnetic fields through coils-Youzao heating equipment

by:Kehua     2022-08-07
Dongguan high-frequency heating equipment is a high-frequency induction heating equipment. Its oscillation frequency can reach more than 300,000Hz. The working principle is to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field through a coil, thereby causing an induced current. If you are interested, follow Kehua Xiaobian. Let's find out together! UHF induction heating machine UHF heating machine is also called UHF induction heating machine, which is a kind of induction heating equipment with high frequency. Different from other induction heating equipment, the current oscillation frequency of the UHF heater is very high, and the oscillation frequency of the UHF heater with the highest oscillation frequency can reach more than 300000Hz. The rapidly changing current passes through the coil to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field, and the change of the magnetic field causes an induced current on the surface of the workpiece, which rapidly heats the surface of the part and then can achieve rapid heat treatment of the metal. UHF heating machines are mostly used for surface quenching of industrial metal parts. Dongguan high-frequency heating equipment The main features of Dongguan ultra-high-frequency heating machine: 1. Small size like a fax machine. 2. Quenching, the welding area is between 1mm2-25px2, the allowable amount of deformation is small, and the workpiece that requires ultra-fast quenching and welding can get the best effect with this machine. 3. Using special microcomputer software to realize automatic frequency tracking and fault self-diagnosis function. 4. The metal can be heated and welded with a minimum diameter of Φ0.1mm and is as thin as a hairline. 5. The quality of the UHF heating machines we manufacture is extremely stable. High-end and elegant appearance design, excellent manufacturing quality, worthy of our pride. The application industry of Dongguan UHF heating machine: A. Electronics industry, (very fine wire and various electronic components fine parts soldering, silver welding.) B. Spectacle frame, spare parts welding, annealing. C. Welding of jewelry and watches. D. Carbide saw blades are welded with large and small teeth. E. Knife welding, paper cutter, shoe material knife edge quenching. F. Micro-drilling and brazing of circuit boards. Dongguan high-frequency heating equipment The above is the relevant introduction of Dongguan high-frequency heating equipment. This product equipment is mainly used in the electronics industry and tool welding industry. It is also equipped with system software, and the operator can automatically track the frequency, which is very convenient. , if you want to know more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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