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Electric heating equipment cable for process temperature maintenance-UZO heating equipment

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
The electric heating equipment cable is mainly used to maintain the process temperature. When designing this product, it is mainly from the energy saving and safety design considerations. In order to reduce the safety hazard of the system, intelligent management will be realized according to the external temperature during heating. The hidden danger of the system Kehua Xiaobian believes that the design of the special electric heating equipment cable belt for pipeline antifreeze is considered from the two aspects of energy saving and safety, and its double-layer flame-retardant electric heating equipment cable belt has reached the domestic advanced level. Its electric heating element PTC and outer material are the same as foreign materials and have superior cost performance. The high maintenance temperature was 65°C. The maximum surface temperature is 85°C (the heating wire is suitable for common area, dangerous area or corrosion area). The heat emitted by its high maintenance temperature is sufficient to meet the energy consumption required to keep the water system at 5°C without freezing. The self-limiting temperature electric heating belt can realize area heating, such as a section of pipeline from indoor to outdoor. When using electrical heating equipment cable straps. One of the heating cables will have different regional heating temperatures. According to the outside temperature of the site, intelligent management is realized, which solves the problem of multiple insulation products in a section of the pipeline, and reduces the safety hazard of the system. Electric heating equipment cable products are used for process temperature maintenance, suitable for antifreeze applications without steam purging, and the maximum maintenance temperature is 65 °C. Electric heating equipment cable Parallel circuit DWK series self-limiting temperature electric heating equipment cable is a parallel circuit, which can be arbitrarily shortened or extended within a certain length range when it is used for antifreezing of pipes and tanks. Note: It can be operated with the matching two-way/three-way junction box accessories. The pipeline heating system is composed of special pipeline electric heating equipment cable belt and related accessories explosion-proof power junction box, terminal junction box, temperature controller, heat-resistant pressure-sensitive tape, etc. Pipeline heat tracing is used for thermal insulation and antifreeze in the unheated part of the residential area in the construction field (such as basements, garages, outdoor fire pipes, water supply and drainage channels, water tanks, tanks) to prevent the pipes from freezing and cracking, and to ensure that the pipes It is a simple, economical and environmentally friendly thermal insulation and antifreeze system to realize the safe operation of the entire pipeline system. In addition to installing the insulation layer, the antifreeze measures of the instrument pipeline can use the electric heating equipment cable, which uses the electric heating element as the heat source. At present, self-limiting temperature electric heating equipment cable belts are mainly used for antifreezing of instruments. Electric heating equipment cable The above is the relevant introduction about electric heating equipment cable. In order to ensure the temperature outside the insulation layer, the electric heating element needs to be used as the heat source. The main application fields of this product are basements, garages and outdoor fire pipes. I would like to know more For more information, please pay more attention to the Kehua website!
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