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Features of Square Cross Flow Cooling Tower-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-21
g Use the air inlet on both sides and the fan on the top, so that the air passes through the packing on both sides of the tower, exchanges the medium with the hot water, and discharges the waste heat to the outside of the tower. Its characteristics are: 1. Perfect design, strong and durable The production process runs in accordance with ISO9001, and the process is meticulous to ensure high quality, outstanding performance and durability. The shell of the cooling equipment is made of high-quality and high-toughness glass fiber, which has a beautiful appearance and can resist the erosion of factors and chemical substances. All steel frames made of profiles are hot-dip galvanized, in line with the US BSENIS01461: 1999 standard, which greatly reduces oxidation, making it more sturdy and durable, and prolonging life. 2. Excellent performance, power saving and energy saving. The heat dissipation material of the square cross-flow cooling tower is made of PVC film, which is anti-corrosion and not deformed. The curved twill design of the film can effectively prolong the heat exchange time between hot water and air in the tower, and make the airflow flow. Smooth, reduce resistance, and minimize the loss of drifting water; coupled with the fan with an arc angle design for shaft loss, and a specially designed water basin with evenly distributed water holes, the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling tower is greatly improved, and Effectively reduce the energy consumption and noise of the whole tower.
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