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Four common problems of 45 steel quenching

by:Kehua     2022-07-20
45 steel quenching is an important part of metal processing. It can ensure that the metal surface has high hardness. Next, Kehua Induction Heating Equipment will explain to you the four common problems of 45 steel quenching. Interested friends will take a look. Bar. Four common problems of 45 steel quenching 45 steel quenching 1. Low hardness After the 45 steel forgings are quenched and tempered, their hardness should generally meet the requirements of HRC56-59, and the forgings with large cross-section should also be larger than HRC48, the cause There are four main reasons: First, the carbon content of the steel is low; Second, in the quenching and heating stage, the required technical specifications cannot be achieved, the heating temperature is too low or the holding time is not enough, which makes the austenite in the forging structure. The content of carbon and alloying elements is insufficient, and even untransformed pearlite or undissolved ferrite remains, resulting in the hardness index of the forgings after quenching cannot meet the requirements; Third, the heating temperature of the forgings is too high or the holding time is long, resulting in its The surface is decarburized and the hardness cannot be achieved; Fourth, the quenching and cooling are not in place. Cooling is the final process of heat treatment, and it is the most important process of heat treatment. The quenching hardness of No. 45 steel can be transformed into different structures under different cooling rates. If the quenching cooling is not in place, the hardness will become lower. 2. Longitudinal cracks Longitudinal cracks are generated cracks that show an axial trend and are thin and long in shape. The No. 45 steel forgings with a diameter of about 8 mm are most likely to appear. Generally, the higher the carbon content of the forgings, the greater the tangential tensile stress generated. When the tensile stress breaks through the strength limit of the forgings, longitudinal cracks will form. The main reasons for the longitudinal cracks of No. 45 steel forgings are: First, the heating furnace installed is unreasonable, resulting in uneven heating of the forgings; Second, when the forgings are quenched, the temperature is relatively high, and the internal and external stress gaps big. At the same time, the main reasons for aggravating the occurrence of cracks in No. 45 steel forgings are: the steel in the forgings contains more harmful impurities with low melting point, such as S, P, Bi, etc.; The cooling medium is far greater than the critical cooling rate of the forging. 3. Transverse cracks Transverse cracks are generated cracks perpendicular to the axial direction. Broken from the inside out. Horizontal stripes generally appear when they are not hardened and are caused by thermal stress. If the forging cannot be quenched, its surface will be under compressive stress. The core of the forging is under tensile stress, so that the maximum tensile stress will be generated in the transition zone between the hardened layer and the non-hardened layer of the forging. When the generated tensile stress breaks through the tensile strength limit of the forging, the transverse crack will produce. There are three main reasons for transverse cracks in No. 45 steel forgings: First, the drawing process and operation of the workpiece are unreasonable, such as too large die angle, no pickling, and uneven deformation inside and outside the metal; second, the core of the workpiece The appearance of carbon increase makes the plastic deformation capacity of the inner and outer layers of the workpiece differ greatly; thirdly, there are inclusions in the workpiece. 4. Uneven hardness After heat treatment of No. 45 steel, if the hardness is uneven, its wear resistance will be reduced and the service life will be reduced. The quenching of 45 steel with uneven hardness of No. 45 steel The above four points introduce the relevant content of the four common problems of 45 steel quenching, pay attention to Kehua Induction Heating Equipment, and learn more about the relevant precautions of metal technology.
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