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Four steps to deal with the anti-corrosion of the inner wall of the FRP cooling tower. -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-10-01
The reason why it is necessary to carry out anti-corrosion treatment on the inner wall of the cooling equipment. Before the anti-corrosion construction, we need to do the following treatment on the inner wall of the FRP cooling equipment: 1. Dust removal treatment (1) The dust and debris on the inner wall of the tower are washed from top to bottom with high-pressure water, and the flushing water is fresh water. River water, urban reclaimed water, etc., as well as pond water and surface polluted water shall not be used. (2) When the temperature is lower than 5°C and it is not suitable for high-pressure water washing, use a blower to blow from top to bottom. (3) The surface of the concrete after flushing and purging is free of debris and dust, which is subject to self-inspection and expert supervision and acceptance, and does not affect the adhesion of anti-corrosion materials. (4) In order not to cause secondary sandstorm and floating dust pollution, the water spraying components, trenches and tower floors of ground construction are covered with plastic sheets. 2. Grinding treatment (1) Mechanical grinding is performed on the uneven surface, shaft and internal support, and the more protruding places are ground, and the degree of grinding should not expose the steel protective layer. (2) For the staggered seam of the formwork interface and the grinding of the corners, the grinding degree is mainly smooth and excessive, and the height of the staggered form of the formwork interface is not more than 5mm. (3) The polished concrete surface reaches a smooth transition level, and there is no unevenness of the steep slope by visual inspection. 3. After the inner wall of the tower is blocked, the holes and gaps of the cooling equipment are surface-treated, and the holes are filled with silicone rubber. The diameter of the silicone rubber is slightly larger than the diameter of the holes, and wooden strips are sent into the holes. Again, fill in the voids and level the surface with a polymer waterproofing mortar before the cyanide has reached dryness. 4. Scraping putty and leveling (1) For the inner surface that has passed the plugging, first use the repairing mortar that meets the requirements to repair the defective parts, such as large pits, grooves, and sunken bolt holes, so as to achieve internal compactness, The corners are smoothly transitioned, and the surface is flush with the cylinder wall. (2) The inner surface that has passed the acceptance of the basic treatment shall be leveled with good putty supplied by the material manufacturer. (3) Use a good putty to scrape and wipe the uneven inner wall of the tower body, large and small pores, and honeycomb pitted surface, and make an arc over the place where the template interface is misaligned to achieve a dense surface, uniform thickness, no honeycomb pitted surface, no honeycomb pitted surface Skin peeling off. Make the inner surface smooth and smooth, without edges and corners, and reach the standard suitable for paint roller coating.
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