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Gansu intermediate frequency melting electric furnace process and advantages and disadvantages

by:Kehua     2022-07-27
Intermediate frequency smelting electric furnaces are often used in some metal smelting industries. This kind of intermediate frequency smelting electric furnace is easy to control, very simple and safe to operate. Then let us and Kehua understand the process and advantages and disadvantages of Gansu intermediate frequency smelting electric furnaces. Gansu medium frequency smelting electric furnace First, smelting electric furnace Electric furnace smelting is a general term for the smelting method that uses electric energy as a heat source. In electric furnace smelting, it is best to smelt ductile iron and gray iron in turn. If smelting in turn, it can improve the service life of a lot of furnace bodies. According to the heating method, it is divided into arc melting, arc resistance compound melting and induction melting. It is widely used in the refining of rare metals and their alloys, tin, nickel and other metals. Second, the process electric furnace uses three electrodes to supply three-phase alternating current, and the heat required for reduction and smelting is generated by the contact between the electrodes and the slag to generate arc and current through the charge and slag, that is, heat is generated inside the charge, so the charge is heated and melted and the chemical reaction is It is carried out inside the charge. Therefore, the smelting of the electric furnace is carried out at the same time as reduction reaction and slag formation. The slag near the electrode will float along the electrode due to the increase in temperature and the gas generated by the reaction in the slag due to the decrease in density. After reaching the surface It spreads horizontally around, and the lower temperature charge absorbs the heat of the superheated slag and melts. The melted charge and the cooled slag are mixed together, and sink due to the increase in density. When it falls to the depth of the electrode insertion , part of it moves horizontally to the electrode and becomes part of the continuous cycle, while the other part continues to settle to the end of the stack, and moves horizontally along the melting surface of the lower part of the charge, so that most of the melt falls into the lower part calmly the slag layer, and the separation of the slag and the target is carried out. Third, the advantages and disadvantages of electric furnace smelting are: (1) The temperature of the molten pool is easy to adjust, and a higher temperature can be obtained, which can handle materials containing more refractory substances, and the slag is easy to overheat, which is conducive to the reduction of iron tetroxide. , the slag contains a low amount of valuable metals. (2) The furnace gas volume is small and the dust content is low. The perfect sealing of the electric furnace can increase the concentration of sulfur dioxide in the flue gas and can be used. (3) It has a wide range of adaptability to the quality of materials, and can handle some miscellaneous materials and returned materials. (4) Easy to control, easy to operate, easy to realize mechanization and automation. (5) The furnace gas temperature is low, and the heat utilization rate is 45%~60%. The furnace roof and some furnace walls can be built with cheap refractory clay bricks. The disadvantages of electric furnace smelting are: (1) The power consumption is large and the cost is high. (2) Strict requirements for the moisture content of the charge (not higher than 3%). (3) The desulfurization rate is low (16%~20%). When dealing with materials with high sulfur content, necessary desulfurization measures should be taken before smelting. Gansu intermediate frequency melting electric furnace The above is the introduction of the Gansu intermediate frequency melting electric furnace process and advantages and disadvantages introduced by Kehua. Although the intermediate frequency melting electric furnace is good, there are still many shortcomings such as large power consumption.
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