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Give the kehua furnace cooling tower a 'bath'

by:Kehua     2022-09-19
In order for large machinery to work normally, regular cleaning is essential. Today, I will share with you how to clean our kehua furnace cooling tower.
To know that it takes 8 days to clean a kehua furnace cooling tower, and it needs to be done in a shutdown state, let's follow the editor to see it!
1. Turn off the water supply and open the drain valve.
2. Remove the diagonal lock and packing.
3. First clean the sludge manually, and then clean it with a high-pressure spray gun.
4. After confirming that the sludge has been cleaned, close the valve and inject chemicals into the kehua furnace cooling equipment to use its circulation for cleaning.
5. Rinse the inside with clean water.
The above five points are the steps we need to perform when cleaning the kehua furnace cooling tower.
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