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by:Kehua     2022-07-31
Heat treatment is a common treatment method in technology, especially in Kehua, which plays an important role. So do you know how the heat treatment of the Allen wrench is suitable? Then let’s take a look at the introduction about this aspect with the editor! Hexagon Wrench Heat Treatment Introduction The Allen wrench is also called Allen wrench. Common English names are 'Allen key (or Allen wrench)' and 'Hex key' (or Hexwrench). The 'wrench' in the name means the action of 'twistingGreatly reduces the user's strength. It can be said that among the installation tools involved in the modern furniture industry, the Allen wrench is not the most commonly used, but it is the best. Advantages The Allen wrench has been passed down to this day and has become an indispensable tool in industrial manufacturing. The key lies in its own uniqueness and many advantages: 1. It is very simple and lightweight. 2. There are six contact surfaces between the hexagon socket head cap screw and the wrench, which are fully stressed and not easily damaged. 3. It can be used to screw the screws in deep holes. 4. The diameter and length of the wrench determine its torque. 5. Can be used to screw very small screws. 6. Easy to manufacture and low cost. 7. Both ends of the wrench can be used. Heat treatment of Allen wrench Heat treatment Heat treatment refers to a metal thermal processing process in which the material is heated, insulated and cooled in a solid state to obtain the expected structure and properties. In the process from the Stone Age to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, the role of heat treatment is gradually recognized by people. As early as 770 BC to 222 BC, the Chinese have discovered in production practice that the properties of steel will change due to the influence of temperature and pressure deformation. The softening of white cast iron is an important process in the manufacture of agricultural tools. Hexagon wrench heat treatment It is best to use low carbon steel carburizing treatment for the Allen wrench, with a hardness of HRC45~50. After quenching, the bearing steel is relatively brittle and not suitable. The above content is about the introduction of the heat treatment of the Allen wrench. Do you have any other questions? Our website has also compiled a lot of related information about Kehua. If you want to know more, just come and collect us.
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