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Handheld heating equipment model and function introduction

by:Kehua     2022-07-30
There are many kinds of forging heating and smelting equipment, the most common is the seat type heating furnace. This kind of heating furnace is generally placed in a designated place, and only specified materials can be used. If it is a handheld heating equipment, it is much more convenient and fast. The heating device can move around freely to heat the workpiece even if it is manually held. Handheld heating equipment model: Handheld heating machine series, the heating head lead is 3 to 5 meters long, the equipment power is 5 to 100KW, and the frequency is about 150KHZ. It can be used for transformer joint welding, copper tube online welding, surface heating coating, etc. On-site heating application; However, due to the large difference in the magnetic induction performance of heating materials, different heating requirements, and different shapes and sizes of induction coils, Kehua equipment needs to be adjusted accordingly to achieve a good heating effect. At present, most of our SPY3 equipment is developed entirely for welding copper pipes, and these equipments are not necessarily suitable for other purposes. (1) The material and size of the workpiece to be heated; (2) The purpose of heating, the heating temperature, and the heating time requirements and other information. Main Specifications Maximum oscillating power KVA heating machine configuration Input voltage Maximum current on induction coil Suitable for welding copper pipe size Box; UZY3-1010KVA single heater three-phase 380V800AUZY3-10-C1-PLC comes with 1P chiller, PLC control and touch screen operation panel UZY3-1818KVA single heater 1100AUZY3-18-C2-PLC comes with 1P chiller, PLC control And touch screen operation panel UZY3-3030KVA single heater 1400AUZY3-30-C2-PLC comes with 1P chiller, PLC control and touch screen operation panel In addition to welding copper pipes, we can customize SPY3 series handheld heaters of 5-160KW, For various metal heating applications. Handheld heating equipment (1) Handheld heating machine with chiller and PLC control and SPY3-C-PLC built-in chiller, PLC control and touch screen operation panel, this integrated handheld heating machine is easy to install. It adopts PLC control and touch screen operation panel, with multiple operation interfaces, which can preset and store process data. This series mainly has three specifications, SPY3-10-C1-PLC, SPY3-18-C2-PLC and SPY3-30-C2-PLC, which are used in copper pipe welding industry. (2) SPY3 series single heating machine SPY3 series hand-held heating machine with single heating machine, the operation panel adopts double flat standard medium and high frequency panel, the operation is very simple, and the equipment price is low. SPY3 handheld heating machine is currently the main recommended handheld heating equipment by our company. Due to its advantages of energy saving and lightweight heating head, it has been widely used in the field of copper pipe welding. Main advantages and limitations: (1) The heating head is small and light. For example, the SPY3-10 heating head is only 0.9KG, which is suitable for operators to hold heating, and it is also very convenient for operators to operate and heat by a multi-joint robot. (2) The heating head is durable, not easy to be damaged, and easy to maintain; there is only one or two resonant capacitors in the heating head, simple water cooling, simple structure, strong and durable; (3) High heating efficiency and energy saving. SPY3 handheld heating machine is a series-parallel resonant structure, only the resonant capacitor and the induction coil have relatively large induced current, the current on the cable is small, the loss is small, the heating efficiency is high, and the power is saved. (4) SPY3 hand-held heaters are generally designed for special purposes, and the adaptation range of heating materials and induction coils is not large. Need to know this when ordering. Main application of handheld heating equipment UZY3 handheld heating machine: SPY3 series equipment all use parallel resonant circuit, after resonance, the high-frequency power supply is output to the heating head through the high-frequency transformer, and then the high-frequency power supply suitable for heating is output to the induction coil; With the parallel resonance technology, there is only a resonance capacitor inside the heating head, the structure is small and light, the heating cable and the heating head are not easy to be damaged; and the capacitance and the induction coil in the heating head directly resonate a large induction coil current, and the heating efficiency of the equipment is greatly improved. The useless energy consumption of equipment is greatly reduced. At present, the working principle of the handheld heating products of other manufacturers on the market is basically series resonance technology, and the heating head is a transformer, which is similar to Kehua's first-generation SPY technology. This structure is characterized by low heating efficiency, high energy consumption, and easy damage to the heating head. SPY3 series products, in terms of application, completely replaced our company's first generation SPY hand-held heating machine and other similar products, with excellent performance, high reliability and low maintenance rate, suitable for various on-site heating applications. Compared with oxyacetylene heating, the application of SPY3 equipment has the following advantages: (1) Energy saving, raw material expenditure and cost saving; (2) UZY3 equipment is easy to operate, and does not require professional workers and professional training; (3) UZY3 equipment working environment Good, environmentally friendly and safe; UZY3 equipment adopts IBGT module and our company's third-generation converter technology, that is, full soft-switching dual-regulation converter control technology. In this technology, power and frequency conversion are independently regulated, using IGBT power devices and Soft switching technology and amorphous inductance form a high-frequency chopper circuit to adjust power, and use IGBT parallel resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology to obtain high-speed and more accurate soft-switching control inverter process. Using handheld heating equipment can process workpieces in any place and under any conditions, which not only saves a lot of labor and time, but also can complete the work requirements in different working conditions.
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