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High-efficiency and energy-saving heating technology of induction heating equipment for intermediate frequency furnace-Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-08-06
All metal products in life require a lot of processing, and they need to be changed in shape and alloyed under heating. According to the information of Kehua Technology Company, the editor will tell you about the induction heating equipment of the intermediate frequency furnace. In short, it is a kind of high-efficiency and energy-saving alloy heating equipment. The use of induction heating equipment for intermediate frequency furnace: This equipment uses the principle of induction heating to heat the workpiece. It is suitable for the intermediate frequency induction heating disassembly and assembly of traction motor bearing inner sleeves or oil seals, and the heating installation and auxiliary disassembly of pinions of electric locomotives, subways and light rail vehicles. , Heating disassembly and assembly of end cover bearing; heat disassembly and assembly of wheelset axle box bearing inner sleeve, heating disassembly and assembly of flange plate, heat assembly of motor stator and rotor, heat assembly of ball mill tire rollers, and various other tight fittings. Heating disassembly and assembly of matching components. Features: 1. Strong adaptability and easy to use. Within the scope of the same work site, only one intermediate frequency power supply and several general-purpose intermediate frequency induction heaters are required to meet the induction heating requirements of different workpieces. 2. The heating speed is fast, and the cover (or disassembly) can be completed in a few minutes. 3. The heating is uniform, and there will be no local overheating or workpiece surface phenomenon. 4. The equipment has automatic control of time and temperature, which is convenient for users to set time and temperature. 5. It can be automatically demagnetized. Due to the use of an LC resonant circuit, the residual magnetism remaining in the workpiece can be rapidly attenuated to zero. 6. Safe operation, environmental protection, no flame and high temperature (the high temperature area is the workpiece 7. All air-cooled structure, no need for another water system, small footprint, easy to install and move. Common sense of maintenance of induction heaters for intermediate frequency furnaces 1. Intermediate frequency diathermy furnace inductors, also known as through-type inductors, are long or short according to the length of the heated bow and arrow and the diameter of the workpiece. But in general, the intermediate frequency diathermy inductors are generally relatively long (refer to The purpose of heating the workpiece in the axial direction) is to ensure that the heating temperature and the temperature difference between the core surface can be guaranteed under the condition that the rhythm of the heating workpiece remains unchanged. 2. There are basically two types of furnace lining assembly forms for the intermediate frequency heating inductor. Knotted lining, the second is assembled lining. 3. Whether it is knotted lining or assembled lining, long-term work at high temperatures will change (mainly thermal expansion and cold contraction and oxidation). If used improperly, there will also be The phenomenon of heating material collision and extrusion of the lining. Therefore, the use of the lining has a certain period of time. This mainly depends on the situation during the use process. 4. Once cracks occur in the intermediate frequency induction heating lining, if the lining is knotted, the crack must not exceed 2mm. Fill it with knotting material in time. If the crack exceeds 2mm, the lining must be re-knotted; if it is an assembled lining, it must be replaced. Therefore, the user must take necessary measures according to the actual situation, and must not act hastily, causing unnecessary consequences and burning out Intermediate frequency heating inductor. 5. During the heating process of the intermediate frequency inductor, a lot of oxide skin that falls off from the heated workpiece will accumulate in the intermediate frequency inductor. If the furnace lining is damaged, or cracked or cracked, if it is not cleaned in time, it is easy to hit Fire, causing overcurrent protection of intermediate frequency power supply, and second, it is easy to break down the inductor coil and cause short circuit between turns of the inductor. Therefore, the oxide skin in the intermediate frequency inductor furnace should be cleaned at least once every shift (8 hours). The intermediate frequency furnace induction heating equipment Furnace induction heating equipment is an industrial name. In fact, it helps metal objects to be better integrated and smelted. If you need to purchase, you can go to Kehua to consult the price.
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