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High frequency heating machine_Kehua

by:Kehua     2022-07-23
How to use the high-frequency heating machine Operation steps 1. Make sure that the required installation work has been completed. 2. Turn on the cooling water. 3. Turn on the external power switch, turn on the air switch at the back of the device, and turn on the power switch on the front panel. 4. Adjust the shape of the induction coil to suit the heating requirements of the workpiece. 5. Adjust the 'heating current adjustment' knob to the desired position. 6. Press the 'Start' button or the foot switch to start heating. At this time, the 'Work' light flashes, and the 'Output Current Display' displays the heating current. 7. Press the 'Stop' button to stop heating. 8. When shutting down, first turn off the power switch on the front panel, turn off the external main switch, and then turn off the water. (The air switch of this equipment is mainly set to prolong its service life for current limiting protection and should operate as little as possible.) Precautions for use 1. Please do not use the equipment when the input voltage is too high. 2. The inside of the machine and the induction coil must be cooled by water, and the water source must be clean, so as not to block the cooling pipe and cause the machine to be overheated and damaged. 3. The cooling water temperature should not be too high, it should be lower than 45'C. 4. Do not use waterproof raw material tape when installing the induction coil, so as to avoid poor electrical connection. 5. Do not change the induction coil soldering to brazing, Silver welding. 6. The number of coils of the induction coil should be increased during induction heating of materials with poor magnetic permeability such as copper and aluminum. 7. The coupling gap between the induction coil and the heating part is preferably 1-3mm (when the heating area is small). 8. It is appropriate Use round copper tube or square copper tube with a thickness of 1-1.5mm and above φ 5 to make the induction coil. 9. The equipment should be protected from sunlight, rain, humidity, etc. 10. The operator should make a record of the daily maintenance of the equipment
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