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High frequency induction cold cable characteristics and gear how to check

by:Kehua     2022-07-16
The water-cooled cable is the key part of the connection and power transmission between the high-frequency induction heating equipment and the induction coil, and it plays a very important role in the operation of the equipment. Today, we will not talk about the importance of the water-cooled cable, but what is it? Features. The water-cooled cable is made of high-quality T2 multi-strand copper stranded wire, covered with high-strength flame-retardant rubber tube, and the joint is cold-pressed, with good contact and strong tensile ability. The connection between the water-cooled cable and the induction coil adopts the fine-grained quick connector and the specially designed metal sealing device of the high-frequency heating machine. Compared with the traditional flange joint, it has the following advantages: no deformation, good contact and long life under high temperature working environment , The impermeability is greater than 1MPa, the replacement is convenient and quick, which is conducive to maintenance and maintenance. Quenching + low temperature tempering' is one of the most commonly used overall final heat treatment processes for gear parts. It is usually carried out in a high-frequency induction heating furnace. After this heat treatment, it is very necessary to conduct quality inspection on the gear. Quality inspection usually includes appearance inspection, surface hardness, metallographic structure, deformation, etc. Generally, quenched parts are not subject to metallographic structure inspection, if necessary, it can be indicated in the process document. Rating, retained austenite grade, depth of decarburization layer, etc. After quenching medium carbon steel and medium carbon alloy structural steel, martensite should generally be obtained. Due to different austenitizing temperatures, the shape and size of martensite are also different. , the gold Induction melting furnace is generally divided into 8 grades according to the 'Martensitic Grades of Medium Carbon Steel and Medium Carbon Alloy Structural Steel' (JB/T9211-2008), the first grade belongs to the low austenitization temperature, and the quenching structure is hidden needle horse. Tensite, ten fine needle-like martensite and ferrite with a volume fraction of not more than 5%, while 7-8 grade martensite is a superheated structure, which is a coarse lath martensite and ten flake martensite, which is normally quenched It is controlled at grade 2-4, and its structure is fine lath martensite and ten flake martensite. Kehua Induction Heating Equipment is a manufacturer of high-frequency heating machines, high-frequency quenching equipment, high-frequency brazing machines, and medium-frequency melting. Manufacturer of non-standard customized high-frequency induction heating machines for furnaces. If you want to know more about high-frequency heating machines, high-frequency quenching equipment, high-frequency brazing machines, and intermediate frequency melting furnaces, please contact us.
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