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High frequency induction furnace - stable performance and easy operation

by:Kehua     2022-07-22
High frequency induction furnace is referred to as high frequency furnace. High-frequency furnaces have been widely used abroad, and have developed rapidly in China in recent years. In addition to imitation products, fully localized high-frequency furnaces have entered the market and achieved good application results. High-frequency induction is an advanced heating method, because high-frequency power output is only available when the sample is burning, and the high-frequency induction stops immediately after the burning is completed. After the high-frequency furnace is started, no heating and preheating time is required, and the sample can be analyzed at any time. The high-frequency furnace has very good combustion performance, and the carbon-sulfur conversion rate is higher than that of the tube furnace. Kehua takes you to understand some of its functions and roles. High-frequency induction furnace Application The frequency of the power supply used is above 10000Hz, up to 1MHz. High-frequency induction furnaces require frequency conversion equipment. The capacity of the high-frequency induction furnace is generally below 100kg due to the limitation of the power supply. High-frequency induction furnaces are mainly used in laboratories for scientific research. High-frequency power equipment can be equipped with quenching equipment for surface quenching of mechanical parts in the heat treatment department. Composition The structure of the induction furnace is shown in the figure on the right. The induction coil is made of a single layer of copper tube, and there is a crucible knotted with refractory materials in the water-cooled induction coil to accommodate the molten metal. Induction furnace usually consists of 4 parts: power supply, furnace body (mainly induction coil and crucible made of refractory material in the induction coil), capacitor bank (used to improve power factor), control and operating system. The heating method of the high-frequency induction furnace is to generate a high-frequency electromagnetic field through the oscillating circuit of the electronic tube, and then add it to the sample to induce an eddy current (eddy current), thereby generating Joule heat, so that the sample rapidly heats up and melts, so it is called It is a high frequency induction furnace. The principle of induction heating is: put the workpiece into the inductor, the inductor is generally a hollow copper tube inputting intermediate frequency or high frequency alternating current (1000-300000Hz or higher). The alternating magnetic field generates an induced current of the same frequency in the workpiece. The distribution of this induced current in the workpiece is uneven, it is strong on the surface, but weak in the interior, and it is close to 0 in the center. This skin effect is used. , the surface of the workpiece can be heated rapidly, and the surface temperature rises to 800-1000ºC in a few seconds, while the temperature of the core rises very little. High-frequency induction furnace The field of mechanical equipment is a major strength of China. The excellent performance of the high-frequency induction furnace introduced by Kehua is also a great advantage for scientific research to promote the stability of its performance.
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