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High frequency induction heating welding - precautions must be paid attention to

by:Kehua     2022-07-22
There are many precautions for high-frequency induction heating welding. After all, it is in the state of electricity and high temperature, so if you pay more attention, there will not be many safety problems. Next, let us join hands with Kehua to learn more related information. Bar. High-frequency induction heating welding high-frequency induction heating welding equipment High-frequency induction heating welding equipment is based on harmonic array theory, using new high-power power electronic devices ICBT and high-performance heating power supply with locking ring technology, its power factor is close to 1, The maximum power can reach 100KW, which can completely replace the high energy consumption electronic tube type super audio power supply, machine type intermediate frequency power supply, and fine thyristor heating power supply. High-frequency induction heating welding equipment can instantly heat metal objects to any desired temperature, including its melting point; it can also locally heat metal objects. High-frequency induction heating welding equipment is highly efficient %, 30-40% power saving than electronic tube equipment, high power, suitable for automatic production line electronic control and monitoring hole protection system. Perfect and reliable, can be started frequently, the success rate of starting is 100%, output constant power, constant voltage, constant current load. Wide range of adaptation and easy adjustment . In addition, the high-frequency induction heating welding equipment has the advantages of small size, light weight, low failure rate, energy saving, firm and beautiful welding points, unlimited geometry of the welded parts, no damage to the surface pattern, no change in the internal crystal structure of the metal, and annealing. It is widely used in metal glasses manufacturing industry, connector welding in electrical and electronic industry, non-contact welding inside small relays, high-pressure welding in refrigeration industry, welding between components in jewelry industry and metal jewelry. and welding in metal craft manufacturing. The high-frequency induction heating welding equipment, which is also heating welding, is a revolution in heating welding methods. High-frequency induction heating welding What operating matters should be paid attention to in high-frequency induction heating welding: 1. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check whether the main control cabinet, transformer, and sensor are connected to water. And check whether the waterway is blocked. It is strictly forbidden for the machine to work in the absence of water. 2. Before closing the air switch, check whether the power button is up (up means off). Before pressing the power button, make sure that the start button is up (up means stop), and make sure that the power adjustment button is turned to the minimum. 3. Before starting the machine, you must check whether the sensor is short-circuited. It is strictly forbidden to start the machine when the sensor is short-circuited. It is strictly forbidden to start the equipment with no load and high power. 4. After the sensor is put into some workpieces when the machine is turned on, start the machine and slowly turn the power adjustment knob to the required position. 5. When turning off the machine, make sure that the workpiece in the sensor is not less than half, and turn the power adjustment knob to a small correspondingly. The shutdown sequence should be to turn the power adjustment button to the minimum first, then pop up the start button (stop), and finally pop up the power button (close). It is strictly forbidden to directly turn off the power button in the case of high power output. 6. After the equipment is turned off, the cooling water should continue to cool for more than 20 minutes to ensure that the equipment is completely cooled. 7. It is strictly forbidden for the machine to push out all the hot material in the sensor when the power adjustment button is at the 7 to the maximum position in the startup state (causing the machine to output high-power no-load). 8. Dust the inside of the equipment in one month, and descale the cooling system of the equipment with a descaling agent in 3 months. Depending on the water quality, the descaling time can be shortened. Every safety issue in the production process of high-frequency induction heating welding must be considered, otherwise it may cost you a serious price. Losing money is a trivial matter, and it may even endanger your life. If you want to know more, then pay attention to Kehua. .
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