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Homemade high-frequency heaters are familiar with induction heating principles

by:Kehua     2022-07-26
The cost of a self-made high-frequency heater is about 1,000 yuan. Among them, the most expensive material is copper tube and copper tape. Before making this device, you must first understand its induction heating principle. If you are interested, follow the editor of Kehua. Get up and understand! Induction heating principle Induction heating surface quenching is a quenching method that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate a high-density induced current on the surface layer of the workpiece, rapidly heats it to austenite state, and then rapidly cools to obtain a martensite structure. When an alternating current of a certain frequency passes through the induction coil, an alternating magnetic field with the same frequency as the current changes will be generated inside and outside it. The metal workpiece is placed in the induction coil, and under the action of the magnetic field, an induced current with the same frequency as the induction coil but in the opposite direction will be generated in the workpiece. Because the induced current forms a closed loop along the surface of the workpiece, it is often called an eddy current. This eddy current converts electrical energy into heat, rapidly heating the surface of the workpiece. Eddy currents are mainly distributed on the surface of the workpiece, and there is almost no current passing through the workpiece. This phenomenon is called the surface effect or the skin effect. Induction heating uses the skin effect to rapidly heat the surface of the workpiece to the quenching temperature by means of the current thermal effect. The induction coil is made of copper pipe, and cooling water is passed through it. When the surface of the workpiece is heated to a certain temperature in the induction coil, it is immediately cooled by water spray, so that the surface layer can obtain a martensite structure. Self-made high-frequency heater cost estimate: Copper tube Red copper tape: 210 yuan EE85 thickened magnetic core 2: 60 yuan high-frequency resonance capacitor 3: 135 yuan glue board: 60 yuan Water pump and PU tube: 52 yuan PLL board: 30 yuan GDT board: 20 yuan Power board: 50 yuan MOSFET: 20 yuan 2KW regulator: 280 yuan Change; Two-speed impedance transformation of magnetic core transformer, water cooling and heat dissipation, mains auto-coupling voltage regulation and power regulation, bus overcurrent protection. Self-made high-frequency heater The above is the relevant introduction about the self-made high-frequency heater. After understanding the relevant principles, the user can start to build the overall structure. It is best to use resonance in the experiment. If you want to know more information, pay more attention Kehua website now!
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