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How does temperature affect cooling tower selection? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-20
​ Let’s learn together what is wet bulb temperature. The wet bulb temperature generally refers to the thermodynamic wet bulb temperature, and the thermodynamic wet bulb temperature (adiabatic full temperature) means that under adiabatic conditions, a lot of water is in contact with a limited amount of humid air, and the latent heat required for water transpiration completely comes from the decrease in the temperature of the humid air. The sensible heat released is the temperature of the system when the air in the system is saturated and the system reaches thermal equilibrium. In simple terms, the wet bulb temperature is the temperature that the environment can reach only through transpiration of water at that time, and the thermodynamic wet bulb temperature is also called the adiabatic full temperature.​ If there is a wet bulb temperature, there must be a dry bulb temperature. What is the dry bulb temperature? The dry bulb temperature is the value read on a dry bulb thermometer exposed to the air and not directly illuminated by the sun. It is the temperature measured by a thermometer in ordinary air, that is, the temperature that is often mentioned in our general weather forecast. The dry bulb temperature is the temperature measured by the thermometer when it is freely exposed to the air, and it should prevent the interference of radiation and moisture. The dry bulb temperature is usually regarded as the actual temperature of the air being measured, which is the actual thermodynamic temperature. It is the temperature measured by a general thermometer exposed to the airflow. After all, what is the relationship between cooling towers and these two temperatures? After testing, it has been proved that the cooling effect of the cooling tower is measured by the difference between the outlet water temperature and the goal temperature, and the difference between the cooling tower return water and the outlet water temperature mainly depends on the wet bulb temperature of the surrounding air. A brief understanding is that the change of the wet bulb temperature directly affects the cooling effect of the cooling tower. The dry bulb temperature here is the ambient temperature; the wet bulb temperature represents the temperature that the natural transpiration of water in the environment can reach; the combination of the two can indicate the temperature of the air. and humidity. Therefore, when selecting a cooling equipment, we will always ask the customer the wet bulb temperature of the cooling tower. The cooling limit of the cooling equipment, that is, the temperature that the cooling tower can cool is almost the local wet bulb temperature plus 4 degrees Celsius.
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