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How does the heating condition of the circular cooling tower fan appear?

by:Kehua     2022-09-28
The Kehua circular cooling tower fan plays an irreplaceable role in industrial cooling. During daily use, the Kehua circular cooling equipment fan sometimes generates heat. When the temperature is within the normal range, it has no effect on the normal operation of the fan. However, if the temperature is too high and the temperature rises too fast, it will have a great impact on the operation and safety of the fan. Then the Kehua cooling tower manufacturer will share how the Kehua circular cooling tower fan's heating condition is presented? The main reason for the heat generation is the friction between the mechanical parts. If the system resistance is too large or the size of the fan is not suitable, it will cause a click operation overload, so that the friction load will increase and cause high temperature. Because the resistance coefficient of the fan is too large or the valve of the pipeline coefficient is not opened, pay attention to the inspection of the links in the daily operation and maintenance to avoid abnormal operation of the fan due to operation errors. If the motor bearing is worn and the cooperation gap is too small, it will also cause the temperature to rise. In addition, the operation of the Kehua circular cooling equipment fan will also be affected when the motor is in phase-off operation or if the wiring is wrong. The most important thing in the operation of the fan is to enhance the operation of the fan to ensure the normal operation of each link.
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