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How does the square cooling tower achieve cooling?

by:Kehua     2022-09-22
The water in the bottom basin of the square cooling tower is transported to the condenser of the chiller through the water pump, which will cool the condenser and flow back to the cooling tower. The fan cools the water through cooling, and then flows back to the bottom of the cooling tower to form such a cycle. When the condenser cools down, the internal cooling liquefies, and then evaporates on the evaporator that flows into the water tank, but it needs to absorb heat when evaporating, so that the water inside the precipitation tank will pass the cooling, and the water after cooling The water pump is then transported to the heat exchanger, and then the superheated inflow process will cool the sulfuric acid, which is such a cycle program. Lingyan is a Kehua cooling equipment manufacturer, as well as a cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of cooling towers and water pumps, please feel free to call if necessary.
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