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How much is the small second-hand gold melting furnace? It is worth recommending a good choice - Youzao Gold Melting Furnace

by:Kehua     2022-07-20
Gold Induction melting furnace is a very important melting equipment now, and sometimes it is necessary to buy second-hand equipment in order to save costs. Of course, it is more difficult to choose. So how much is the small price of second-hand gold melting furnace? Kehua is a good choice. Advantages of small melting furnace 1. The equipment is small in size and light in weight. Easy to move. 2. 220v single-phase power supply, energy saving, environmental protection, and its own electromagnetic stirring function, which makes it easier to obtain highly uniform molten metal; 3. IGBT high-power high-frequency power supply induction heating, fast melting speed and simple operation ; 4. The mini desktop small gold melting furnace can quickly melt 1-2kg of precious metal in only two minutes, and can produce about 30kg of gold in one hour; Temperature and other protection functions; 6. Enhanced monitoring and diagnosis system to ensure high stability, reliability and safety of the machine; 7. Simple installation, only need to connect electricity and water to use, no need for special personnel to install; 8. Small melting point Gold furnace can also be customized according to requirements, to ensure to provide customers with the most suitable smelting equipment. Features of second-hand gold melting furnace small family gold melting furnace 1. Small gold melting furnace is small in size, less than half a square, and weighs only about 20kg, which is very lightweight; 2. The high temperature of 1600 degrees can melt a variety of metals, including gold, silver, Copper and other metals and their alloys; 3. Simple installation and operation, only need to connect electricity and water to use, no need for special personnel to install, and learn in a few minutes; 4. Home gold melting furnace is a furnace heated by electromagnetic induction It uses the electromagnetic eddy current generated by the melting material itself to generate heat, and has higher thermal efficiency compared with other gold melting tools (such as muskets). Because it is smelting without an open flame and has an electromagnetic stirring function, the evenly stirred molten metal is not easy to splash out, so it is much safer than other gold melting tools. What is the price of a small second-hand gold Induction melting furnace? The price of equipment produced by different manufacturers is also different. When choosing, we must consider the cost-effectiveness. After a detailed understanding, we can buy it. Kehua is recommended. Buy used gold furnaces.
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