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How to Calculate Makeup Water for Cooling Towers

by:Kehua     2022-09-18
Water can be reused in the cooling tower. If the supplementary water can be calculated, it will save costs and prolong the life of the cooling tower. Cooling towers distribute cooling air through vents to lower the temperature of your residential or business environment. Make-up water is very necessary to replace the water being used through the vents, as well as any unfortunate leaks. The most important thing for cooling towers is their cooling, and accurate calculation of make-up water can reduce cost effectiveness and improve energy efficiency. Description: 1. Calculate the closed cooling tower. The evaporation rate is equal to the water flow rate times the cooling equipment times 0.001 degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Calculate the venting time after the cooling tower starts to work. The drain rate is equal to the evaporation rate (ie step 1), which is the number of cycles the cooling water has passed minus one cooled. 3. Calculated make-up water. Make-up water equals drain + evaporation. Lingyan is a cooling equipment manufacturer and a square cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the sale of cooling towers and water pumps. If you have any questions, please feel free to call.​
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