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How to change the high frequency heating of the induction cooker without affecting its function

by:Kehua     2022-08-01
How to change the induction cooker to high-frequency quenching from the old induction cooker? It is best to wrap it around a ceramic tube (this is hard to find, and it is made into a hollow coil if it is not available). The terminals at both ends of the wire should be reserved for connecting to the main board of the induction cooker. Several magnetic strips of the coil should be evenly tied around the hollow coil. It is best to measure the inductance value of the wire reel first, and then measure the inductance value after winding the coil to make it equal or close to the inductance value of the wire reel, otherwise it is easy to burn the tube. The other parts of the induction cooker do not need to be changed, just connect the coil and you can use it. Be careful not to work continuously for a long time, the heat generation is too large, and the coil is easy to burn out. To be on the safe side, you can reduce the maximum power of the induction cooker. The induction cooker can be changed to high-frequency heating induction heating equipment. The induction cooker can be changed to a high-frequency heating machine, and the induction cooker can achieve a temperature of several hundred degrees. The induction cooker uses electromagnetic eddy current technology. You should know that if the temperature is high, you must increase the power, but the temperature rises. The coils of the induction cooker will burn out after the height is too high. You can borrow the circuit of the induction cooker and replace the heating copper plate with a spiral heating coil for heating small iron pieces, preferably above 600 degrees. How can there be no response when the iron plate is placed on the induction cooker? We can heat the iron plate. We all use an 8mm thick iron plate, surfacing a welding seam around it, and put it on the induction cooker for cooking, just like teppanyaki, Very useful. Eddy current can make the object heat up quickly. This is the working principle of the induction cooker. LZ needs to make the frequency of the power supply several MHZ. There is no need to replace the copper plate. Find a thicker copper wire and put it on the induction cooker. An iron pot with water added (to fool the protection of the induction cooker) so that the coil can draw current. Selection skills Induction cookers are favored by consumers due to their safety, hygiene, Kehua, fire-free cooking, and ease of use, but many brands of induction cookers make it difficult for customers to choose. The following introduces the induction cooker selection skills for the blow. Change the induction cooker to high-frequency heating 1. Choose a well-known brand. All electrical appliances in life generate radiation, and induction cookers are no exception. Although the induction cooker itself has less radiation, choosing a high-quality induction cooker will better ensure your safety. 2. The power is appropriate, Kehua. In order to avoid unnecessary waste, you should choose an induction cooker that matches your home use. Like an ordinary family of three, purchasing an 800W induction cooker can meet the requirements. If there are a large number of people, you can choose a 1000W-2000W high-power induction cooker. 3. The appearance of the furnace surface is smooth and undamaged. When purchasing, pay attention to the flatness of the furnace surface. If the furnace surface is convex, concave or inclined on one side, it will affect the normal generation of thermal efficiency. 4. Check by hand. When purchasing, you can turn the induction cooker over and shake it to see if there is a gap or looseness between the fan blade and the shaft, and the shaft and the bearing; after power-on, the motor should have no obvious noise or friction sound, and the rotation of the fan blade should be smooth and without swaying. Rotation, etc. Through the above description, I believe that you have a more in-depth understanding of the way to change the induction cooker to high-frequency heating? How to choose is very important, Kehua is even more critical, and also pay attention to safety, the induction cooker is changed to high-frequency heating, not It's a simple question, but it's not difficult. Learning knowledge is easy for you.
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