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How to Clean Square Cooling Towers Regularly

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
After a long period of use, the square cooling equipment also needs to be checked and cleaned at intervals. Since the cooling tower is often exposed to the outdoors, its fan has a good adsorption force, so a lot of sediment and debris will be involved. The interior of the cooling tower will inevitably lead to a decrease in its heat dissipation capacity in the long run. So how to clean the square cooling equipment regularly, the following square cooling tower manufacturers will introduce to you in detail. 1. Cleaning of the shell At present, the most commonly used in the market are circular and square cooling water towers, including those cooling water towers with mufflers installed at the air outlet and air inlet. Their shells are made of glass fiber reinforced plastic or high-grade pvcw material. , can resist the erosion of solar ultraviolet rays and chemical substances, dense and durable, not easy to fade, and the surface is bright, no additional paint is needed as a protective layer. Therefore, if the shell is dirty, it only needs to be washed with water or detergent to restore the brightness. 2. The cleaning of the packing The packing is a medium for the air and water to conduct sufficient heat and moisture exchange in the cooling water tower. It is usually processed from high-grade pvcw materials, and it is also a kind of plastic, which is easy to clean. If the packing is found to have dirt or microorganisms, it can be washed with water or detergent under pressure, or the fragments can be removed from the tower for brushing. 3. Cleaning of the water collection tray When there is dirt or microorganisms in the water collection tray, it is the easiest to find. It can be cleaned quickly by brushing directly, but it should be noted that the cooling water tower must be blocked before cleaning. and open the drain valve to allow the dirty water to be drained from the drain to avoid the dirty water during cleaning from entering the cooling water return pipe.​
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