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How to clean the scale formed by the closed cooling tower-【Lingyan Electromechanical】Industrial Cooling Tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
​Closed cooling tower is a kind of equipment that ensures the cooling effect through the heat exchange of circulating air, spray water and circulating water. It is used in metallurgy, food, rubber, plastic, machinery, chemical industry and other industries. The closed cooling equipment will form scale after long-term operation, so how to remove the scale of the cooling tower equipment? 1. Acid-base neutralization method. The mixing of acid and alkali will produce a chemical reaction, and the acid-base neutralization reaction will form water and sodium chloride, of which sodium chloride is what we often call salt. Because the scale coverage is relatively large and manual removal is more laborious, we usually use spraying weakly acidic water for neutralization. 2. descaling agent, cooling tower descaling agent also contains certain weak acids, but also contains some penetrants, corrosion inhibitors and other media. It can quickly penetrate and dissolve the high-thickness scale, and it can fall off naturally under the force of water hammer. There is a difference between the open cooling tower and the closed cooling tower when using scale removers. The scale of the closed cooling tower is mainly on the surface of the centralized condenser. The condenser is made of metal, and strong acid will cause corrosion. Dosing should be done in moderation. 3. Electromagnetic descaling, this method is relatively new. The magnetic field is used to change the structure of the scale, so that the scale cannot gather together after oxidation. Electromagnetic descaling is a safe method at present, and it will not cause any harm to the metal material. And electromagnetic descaling can save a lot of costs, electromagnetic descaling is mainly installed in the circulation pipeline. The descaling work of the closed cooling equipment should be carried out frequently, but this will not happen if the stainless steel tube is used. The surface of the stainless steel tube condenser is oxidized, and the scale should not adhere to the surface. Compared with the copper tube, it can be better to prevent the formation of scale.
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