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How to Control the Noise of Fluid Cooling Towers

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
For the noise characteristics of the closed cooling tower, the following measures are often taken: 1. Replace the ordinary motor blades with low-noise blades to reduce the noise source. 2. The noise of the exhaust nozzle has continuous spectrum characteristics, and the sound absorption treatment is considered. 3. To avoid mechanical resonance noise, the cooling equipment is hard to continuously reduce vibration. 4. Add quick filter packing in the water receiving tray to reduce the water splashing noise. 5. The tower body and the water pump are surrounded by waterproof and sound-absorbing barriers, which cut off the transmission of noise. 6. Add an air duct or a muffler cap to the air outlet of the closed cooling equipment, and point the direction of the noise to the direction where the noise is not needed. The muffler cover can reduce the frequency of sound vibration to reduce the impact of noise. 7. For the water flow noise, adding an anechoic blanket can reduce the water flow noise. Lingyan is a square cooling equipment manufacturer, Kehua cooling tower manufacturer and cooling tower manufacturer, specializing in the production of circular cooling towers, square cooling towers and water pumps. Beautiful and durable.
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