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How to deal with the water discharge problem of the circular cooling tower

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
With the development and needs of society, circular cooling towers have become more and more important in our lives, and many problems have arisen at the same time. So how should we operate them? Let's discuss the cooling equipment manufacturers below. The important issue of the safe water discharge of the circular cooling tower is to analyze what kind of things and how many techniques are produced in it. At the beginning, you should see what equipment your circular cooling tower is supplied to, stop the equipment, and then stop the water pump and cooling fan of the circular cooling tower. Turn off the main power and hang the sign. Until the circular cooling tower confirms the shutdown condition. Confirm that the shutdown is successful and you can operate. The water outlet of the cooling water tower is generally under the water inlet pipe, at a lower position, or there is a rubber plug at the bottom of the water tower, and it is OK to find it. Based on these three points, we can know how the circular cooling tower should discharge water safely, so as to avoid many unnecessary problems. I hope the above points can give you some help.​
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