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How to detect cooling tower fill replacement and aging? -[Lingyan Electromechanical] One-stop solution for industrial cooling tower engineering

by:Kehua     2022-09-27
packing is definitely used in open cooling towers, and it is also used in cross-flow cooling towers. The function of the cooling tower packing is to increase the heat dissipation area of ​​the spray water, prolong the falling speed of the heat exchange spray water, and improve the heat exchange rate. The long-term use environment of the filler is high temperature and high heat environment, and the material of the filler should be plastic material or reinforced plastic material, then after a certain period of use, there will definitely be aging, breaking, cracking, etc. This is the cooling tower filler. normal loss. The damage and aging of the cooling equipment packing, excessive aging will become brittle, and under the gravity blow of the spray water, it will become fragments and enter the pool at the bottom. The aging of the filler will first affect the efficiency of heat dissipation. The main heat exchange of the open cooling tower is completed on the surface of the filler. The number of fillers in the cooling tower is calculated by professional selection. If the fillers open and fall off, the cooling circulating water will fall directly into the pool at the bottom, so that there is not much heat exchange. If the filler falls off a lot, the debris will enter the circulation system, and the debris will have an impact on the circulation pipeline of the cooling tower. In mild cases, the amount of circulating water will decrease, and in serious cases, it will directly block the management and fail to complete the water circulation. . This not only affects the heat exchange efficiency of the cooling equipment, but also directly affects the normal operation of the cooling tower. Before replacing the filler, we must first check the reason for the shedding of the filler. If it is normal aging and shedding, we must check all the fillers currently in use, because the service life of the filler is basically the same, if it is due to external force. For example, the water distribution of the sprinkler water device is uneven, the local water volume is too large, the gravity impact is serious, and there is external force damage caused by particulate impurities, etc. Our door only needs to replace the damaged packing. When the cooling tower packing is replaced, it cannot affect the arrangement rules between the single sheets, and it should present an oblique staggered distribution. When replacing the single-piece packing, the packing of the same material, size and thickness should be selected. It should be considered that the packing area cannot be smaller than the current area.
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